Sunday, December 30, 2007

Led Zep: We'll rock again in NY ??

The three kings of rock ... Led Zeppelin

LED ZEPPELIN celebrated their triumphant comeback gig by planning world
domination over cups of tea and coffee.
Unlike in their hellraising heyday, singer ROBERT PLANT and guitarist JIMMY
slapped each other on the back and were handed giant mugs of hot
But then the rock fighting talk began and they discussed returning to Madison
Square Garden in New York - where they did three sell-out shows in 1973.
My source backstage at London’s O2 arena said: “Robert had a couple of bottles
of beer before going on stage but afterwards it was just hot mugs of tea and
“The band were really fired up and were talking about their late drummer JOHN
and what he would have thought about it - it was a time for
“Then the talk went to, ‘What next? Was this it or would there be something
else?’ One of the guys started talking about their three concerts at the
There was a consensus of, ‘Why not?’ It is one of the best live music venues
in the world. I have no doubt after their reaction backstage that they will
be there next year playing to a sell-out crowd.”

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Led Zeppelin to play three huge New York shows in 2008?

Band have supposedly discussed a three-night residency
Led Zeppelin are rumoured to be set to play three nights at New York’s Madison Square Garden venue in 2008.

According to The Sun, the band were overheard discussing the prospect after their performance at the O2 Arena on Monday
A source quoted in the newspaper explains, “One of the guys [in the band] started talking about their three concerts at the Garden. There was a consensus of, ‘Why not?’.”
 Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant perform live for a tribute concert to Ahmet Ertegun , 02 Arena, Greenwich, London, December 10, 2007.  Pic: Getty Images

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Apple Making Deals for Web Video Rentals

sputtering efforts to be a major purveyor of video downloads may get a
boost in 2008 from an agreement with 20th Century Fox for digital movie

Apple has been trying to interest a number of
Hollywood studios in an iTunes rental service, and several people
familiar with the negotiations said that more than one studio would
appear onstage at the company’s MacWorld exhibition here
beginning Jan. 14 to endorse a new Apple movie rental service.

people, who were not authorized to speak publicly about the
negotiations, confirmed the Apple-Fox relationship. Apple now trails
several companies offering digital movie rental services, including Amazon and Movielink.

Financial Times first reported the movie rental agreement on Thursday.
Apple and Fox executives declined to comment. The Fox studio is a unit
of the News Corporation.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

FedEx Truck Carjacked from Manhattan Street

An 18-wheeler FedEX tractor trailer was hijacked by gun-toting thieves in Manhattan Friday morning.

Police say the truck was stopped at a traffic light at 47th Street and
Eleventh Avenue when two men pulled guns on the driver and forced him
out of the truck. The driver was put in another car and driven around
for awhile. He was found around 1:30 Friday morning in Brooklyn.

The driver -- who has 25-years with FedEx -- wasn't hurt.

FedEx spokesman Steve Barber says the truck was headed to hub in Newark, New Jersey.

Although Police and Barber said they didn't know the truck's contents
value, news reports say the truck was carrying more than one million
dollars in cargo including Christmas presents.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A-Rod's new manager has worked for Madonna, Kravitz

NEW YORK -- A-Rod is adding some Hollywood glitz to his
management team.

Alex Rodriguez hired Guy Oseary, who has worked with Madonna and
Lenny Kravitz, to be his manager. Oseary is not a registered
baseball agent, and Scott Boras remains A-Rod's representative on
baseball matters.

Rodriguez said last week he had spoken just once with Boras
since the agent notified the New York Yankees that A-Rod was opting
out of his contract. The slugger then negotiated a new $275
million, 10-year deal with the team without Boras. After the
outline of the deal was agreed to, Boras drafted the contract with
the club.

"As I embark on this new chapter in my career, I know that I
have found in Guy Oseary someone who is aligned with my interests
and who has earned a lot of respect in the entertainment industry
as a true visionary," Rodriguez said in a statement issued by
Richard Rubenstein.

Richard Rubenstein has represented A-Rod's foundation and is the
son of Yankees spokesman Howard Rubenstein.

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The Guy from Boston - Chronicle

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A chauffeur view on steroids in baseball..."Don't blame the ballplayers"

After reading all this about steroids and hearing it all over the New York radio all week.
The press and all these radio talk show guys make this out to be like their all saints.
Why should these ballplayers amit it in the first place. Everybody did it or i would say most did or tried it . If i was a ballplayer i properly would have tried it to get a edge. So Barry Bonds don't look as bad now. He has a little smile on his face now, and as time goes on we will find out more about who did what. Barry was the best at it, and you have to give him credit for it.
This was Baseball mess, they look the other way and now they got bit in the ass.
Don't blame the ballplayers

Andy Pettitte can spare us the crocodile tears and contrived 'regret'

A little over a year ago, it was reported in the Los Angeles Times
that a former Yankee pitcher named Jason Grimsley had accused some
major-league players of using performance-enhancing drugs in a federal
agent's affidavit. One of the players named in the Times story was Andy
Pettitte, who was about to finish his last season with the Houston

When asked about the story at the time, here is what Andy Pettitte,
who now says he has worked hard his entire life to do things the right
way, said: "I've never used any drugs to enhance my performance in
baseball. I don't know what to say except that it's embarrassing that
my name would be out there."

Now Pettitte's name is out there - for using human growth hormone -
in former Sen. George Mitchell's report. Two days after Mitchell
releases that report to the public, a report that has Pettitte getting
HGH from personal trainer Brian McNamee and using it for two to four
days, Pettitte issues a statement, throws himself on the mercy of the
public and cops to two.

So Pettitte essentially cops to half of what the report said he did.
In a way that really sounds half-something-else. This really is an
absolute classic sports apology, the kind where somebody says that if
he offended somebody he's sorry, when the only thing he's really sorry
about is getting caught.

This wasn't from Pettitte's heart Saturday, it was from the lawyers
and agents, with more addendums than Mitchell had in the report that
brought Andy Pettitte to this moment.

Maybe, using Pettitte's logic, using human growth hormone to rehab
faster from a sore elbow doesn't mean you were looking to enhance your
performance. We really are getting a lot of that these days.

The real truth is that he got these drugs from McNamee, drugs he
never could have gotten from a legitimate doctor for an elbow injury,
and when people find out about it five years later, Pettitte expects
everybody to believe he was just doing it for his school.

He wants to come across as a standup guy here. Instead he looks like
somebody in a boxer's crouch, covering up so he doesn't get hit
anymore, doesn't get lumped in with all the other cheap, dirty drug
users named in George Mitchell's report.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Complete list of players named

Manny Alexander

Chad Allen

Rick Ankiel

David Bell

Mark Bell

Gary Bennett

Marvin Bernard

Larry Bigbie

Barry Bonds

Ricky Bones

Kevin Brown

Paul Byrd

Alex Cabrera

Jose Canseco

Ken Caminiti

Mike Carreon

Jason Christiansen

Howie Clark

Roger Clemens

Paxton Crawford

Jack Cust

Chris Donnells

Brendan Donnely

Lenny Dykstra

Bobby Estalella

Matt Franco

Ryan Franklin

Eric Gagne

Jay Gibbons

Jason Giambi

Jeremy Giambi

Troy Glaus

Juan Gonzalez

Jason Grimsley

Jose Guillen

Jerry Hairston Jr.

Matt Herges

Phil Hiatt

Glenallen Hill

Darren Holmes

Todd Hundley

Wally Joyner

Mike Judd

David Justice

Chuck Knoblauch

Tim Laker

Mike Lansing

Paul Lo Duca

Nook Logan

Josias Manzanillo

Gary Matthews Jr.

Mark McGwire

Cody McKay

Kent Merker

Bart Miadich

Hal Morris

Daniel Naulty

Denny Neagle

Rafael Palmeiro

Jim Parque

Andy Pettitte

Adam Piatt

Todd Pratt

Armando Rios

Stephen Randolph

Adam Riggs

Brian Roberts

John Rocker

F.P. Santangelo

Benito Santiago

Gary Sheffield

Scott Schoeneweis

David Segui

Mike Stanton

Ricky Stone

Miguel Tejada

Derrick Turnbow

Ismael Valdez

Randy Velarde

Mo Vaughn

Ron Villone

Fernando Vina

Rondell White

Jeff Williams

Matt Williams

Todd Williams

Steve Woodward

Kevin Young

Gregg Zaun

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Steroid Report Implicates Top Players

Mitchell Report
Roger Clemens,
who won the Cy Young award a record seven times, and seven players who
won baseball’s most valuable player award were among dozens of
players named Thursday in the former Senator George J. Mitchell’s report on his investigation into the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the sport.“For more than a decade there has been widespread anabolic
steroid use,” Mr. Mitchell said in a news conference announcing
the results of a 20-month investigation he led at the behest of Major
League Baseball. He said the use of performance-enhancing substances
“poses a serious threat to the integrity of the game.”

Clemens was the most prominent name in the report, along with the Most Valuable Player award-winners Barry Bonds, Ken Caminiti, José Canseco, Jason Giambi, Juan Gonzalez, Mo Vaughn and Miguel Tejada.

The report also includes the names of three of the top 10 home-run leaders of all time: Bonds, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmiero.

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Clemens, Pettitte prominent in Report

Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte were two of the Major League players
implicated in Thursday's release of former Sen. George Mitchell's
investigation, which details the use of performance-enhancing drugs
during their playing careers.

The pitchers were named by a former Yankees trainer, Brian McNamee,
who detailed the drug use of his two clients. McNamee provided
information relating to Clemens, a seven-time Cy Young Award winner,
and Pettitte as part of a plea agreement with the U.S. Attorney's
office related to guilty pleas entered on April 26 on one count each of
distribution of anabolic steroids and money laundering.

The Yankees released a statement on Thursday afternoon through
Howard Rubenstein, the personal spokesman for principal owner George
Steinbrenner, that said, "We are reviewing the report and have no

According to the Mitchell Report, McNamee was a Blue Jays
employee in 1998 and a casual, professional acquaintance of Clemens.
Outfielder Jose Canseco testified that, around the same time, he had
numerous conversations with Clemens about the benefits of the steroids
Deca-Durabolin and Winstrol, and how to "cycle" and "stack" steroids.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brooklyn's Domino Sugar Factory Gets Landmark Status

NEW YORK (AP) -- The historic Domino sugar factory on Brooklyn's waterfront has officially achieved landmark status in a City Council vote.

The approval covers three buildings at the Williamsburg site, where Domino began operations in 1856. It closed in January 2004.

The City Council's move essentially rubber-stamps the designation
already granted by the city Landmarks Preservation Commission and
Planning Commission.

Landmark status ensures that the site's new owner, CPC Resources, can't
alter the existing exterior of the factory in its planned development.

That project includes plans for a mixed use community, with 2,400 residential units and parkland.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Apple new store in NYC....

The snow flurries ended, the sun went down and the temperature began to drop again just before the grand opening of the West 14th Street (NYC) store this evening. Perhaps it would have warmed us up if we knew celebs
would be attending. The crowd of about 800 on the 14th St. sidewalk
began to spill over onto 9th Avenue, and eventually led all the way
west onto 15th Street. Crowds of passersby began to form about 5 p.m.
as the crowd grew, as workers who were headed home noticed the crowd
and stopped to watch and take pictures. The line had been moved between
bicycle fencing around 3 p.m., and now made three back-and-forth trips
along the 14th St. sidewalk west of the store. As 6 p.m. neared, four
Concierge staffers came outside in the their teal-colored T-shirts to
pump up the crowd. The staffers inside posed for photos on the uppers
levels of the stairs, and then dispersed to their work stations to
greet the incoming visitors. At 6 p.m. the security team motioned in
the crowd with the admonition, “Slow…slow,” and we
went inside to a deafening
roar–clapping and yelling and music–to grab our T-shirts
and poster tubes. Three stories above, staffers crowded the rail and
rimmed the staircase to provide applause and excitement. The crowd
mostly made for the third floor where you redeemed any prizes, or hung
out on the ground floor. And then everyone spotted Mary J. Blige on the second floor, palling around with Whoopi Goodberg. They both signed autographs and Blige posed for photos. It seemed that most people were more interested in the prizes
and celebrities than the rest of the store, and there seemed to be
little buying. By the time I left at 7:45 p.m. the line reached
substantially west on 15th St. behind the store–I hand counted
over 1,600 in line, with nearly 100 people standing around just
watching. Check the comments for more info and also full report that includes photos.

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Apple donates 100 iPODS......

nanohouse.jpgSo there you are, a kid who just lost his entire house in the recent
Southern California wildfires. What would be at the top of your
wishlist? A new house? Returning to a sense of normalcy? All your old
possessions that are now irretrievably torched? Sorry, no can do. How's
about we just give you a free iPod nano and use you as a PR tool, would
that help? No? Just take the damn Nano kid, and smile for the cameras.
There we go. Good luck with that whole house thing.
Yes, Apple has donated 100 nanos to a group of kids who were victims of
the recent fires, which was nice of them. Sure, it wasn't completely
selfless, but it's not like it's their job to get them new houses or
whatever. It wasn't a random donation, either, but rather a request
that they fulfilled. Poway resident Steve Boyack emailed King Jobs
asking for them, saying that "iPods are an accessory most kids like and
can't live without." See, I would have said a bed is an accessory most
kids like and can't live without, but that's just me. In any case, soon
after shooting off the email, 100 nanos arrived into the hands of a
bunch of confused, homeless kids. Thanks, Apple!

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

NYC Council to Consider Banning Horse-Drawn Carriages

The horse-drawn carriages that clip clop around Central Park could be
banned under City Council legislation to be introduced at the urging of
animal advocates who say the horses are treated inhumanely.

Councilman Tony Avella, who plans to introduce the bill next Wednesday,
said the horses that have entertained tourists and New Yorkers for
decades are exposed to cruel conditions and are at risk of injury or
death as they weave through city traffic.

In September, a horse died after it was spooked by street musicians
with drums and bolted down Central Park South. It was the second such
incident in less than two years.

"This situation is only getting worse -- the animals are not being
treated properly, and enough is enough,'' Avella said. "Horses are
incompatible with traffic -- especially midtown traffic.''

It is not clear how much support his bill has in the 51-member council,
and Mayor Michael Bloomberg said last week that the horses are cared
for and should stay as a New York City fixture.

"These are things that the tourists like and New Yorkers like and they define a city,'' he said.

The Horse & Carriage Association of New York issued a scathing
statement in response to the proposal, stating that the city's carriage
horses are in excellent health and Avella ``is the one who should be
put out to pasture.''

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West 14th Street Apple Store

On Friday night at 6 p.m., the doors will formally open to the third and largest Apple retail store in Manhattan,
at the northernmost end of the Meatpacking District (it's on the corner
of West 14th Street and 9th Avenue, to be more specific). Unlike its
Fifth Avenue sibling, the West 14th Street Apple store won't be open
24/7--it closes at midnight, which might as well be the Meatpacking
District equivalent of three o'clock in the afternoon. It's probably
for the better. Steve Jobs has enough on his hands; he doesn't need to
have to deal with dubious lawsuits from drunk girls in stilettos who've
tumbled down that three-story glass staircase while trying to go hit on
the guys behind the Genius Bar (they get way cuter after four cosmopolitans!)

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Congress Wants Starbucks To Spy On You

Baristas are watching you

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday approved the SAFE Act,
a bill saying that anyone offering a Wi-Fi connection to the public
must report illegal images including “obscene” cartoons and
drawings–or face fines of up to $300,000.

The bill covers individuals, coffee shops, libraries, hotels,
government agencies, social-networking sites, domain name registrars,
Internet service providers, and e-mail service providers, and may
require that a complete record of a user’s activity be recorded
and saved.

In other words, the bill gives companies like Starbucks and your ISP a financial incentive to spy on you.

Barista with money

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Each Subway Line May Have a Manager

Transit officials plan to experiment with running New York's massive subway system like 24 separate railroads.

New York City Transit President Howard H. Roberts Jr. told The New York
Times each subway line could have its own manager, with authority to
make decisions ranging from fixing leaks to setting schedules.

The reorganization is set to start Monday with the 7 and L lines. It
could spread throughout the system over three years if officials like
what they see.

Roberts says he thinks decentralizing the management of the 660-mile
system will make it more responsive to rider complaints. The new
managers will be able to deploy more cleaners and special repair crews.

Almost 5 million passengers ride the subways on an average weekday.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

After 46 years on job, man is crowned Upper East Side's best doorman

Steven Keschl, greeting Maya Brosnick at E. 79th St. building, was voted Best East Side Doorman.Upper East Side doorman Steven Keschl has been voted the
neighborhood's best doorman - and after an amazing 46 years on the job,
it's well-deserved.

At 81, the big-hearted Hungarian native still happily greets residents, hails cabs and carries luggage on a daily basis.

"Good afternoon, my friends," a spry Keschl cooed as residents walked into 460 E. 79th St., where he has worked since 1961.

isn't another doorman like Steve, and we're keeping him," gushed
apartment owner Rena Fafalios. "The building would close if he left."

part of the family here," agreed resident Argyro Pantazopoulos, 80, as
Keschl, dressed in his crisp green uniform, escorted her to a taxi.

on the upper East Side, famed for its well-tailored and efficient
doormen, Keschl's devotion to the job is legendary: He has never missed
a day of work.

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10 Brooklyn restaurants Zagat praises

Zagat's guide to BrooklynZagat's guide to Brooklyn Looking

for somewhere to eat after a long day of Brooklyn shopping? Check out
this list of top Brooklyn restaurants, as listed in the Zagat guide.
For further information about New York dining, go to

Al Di La (Italian) 26 18 22 ($45)
Park Slope 248 Fifth Ave. (Carroll St.) M/N/R to Union St. 718-783-4565
this "really special" Park Slope Venetian showcases Anna
Klinger’s "superlative" cuisine, offered at "hard-to-beat" prices
and served by a "caring" crew in a "cozy" "communal" dining room; the
"no-reservations policy" leads to "painful waits", though, so "get your
gondola there early" - or try their "wonderful" "around-the corner"
wine bar.

Di Fara (Pizza) 27 4 7 ($13)
Midwood 1424 Ave. J (bet. 14th & 15th Sts.) Q to Ave. J 718-258-1367
"looks like hell" and waits can be "timed with a calendar", but at
"old-school artisan" Dominic De Marco’s "legendary" circa-1963
Midwood "mecca of pizza", the "heavenly" pies are "all they’re
cracked up to be" - i.e. No. 1 in NYC.

River Café (American) 26 28 26 ($111)
Dumbo 1 Water St. (bet. Furman & Old Fulton Sts.) A/C to High St. 718-522-5200
bliss from start to finish", Dumbo’s "classic stunner" under the
Brooklyn Bridge "wows visitors" with "top-notch" New American fare, a
"flower-laden" interior and "glorious" river/skyline views (it’s
"the place to propose - no matter what the proposition"); just remember
to "dress sharp" (jackets required) and prepare for a "wallet busting"
($95 prix fixe-only dinner); N.B. they do spectacular parties.

Blue Ribbon (American) 25 19 22 ($50)
Park Slope 280 Fifth Ave. (bet. 1st St. & Garfield Pl.) M/N/R to Union St. 718-840-0404
first "prize" destination in Park Slope, this "welcoming" New American
from the Bromberg brothers stays "energized" into the "after hours"
with an "interesting", "attractive" crowd; the cost runs "high" and
waits "long", but "there’s a reason" so many "love this place" -
"astounding" food; N.B. the long front bar is a "favorite" stop for
champagne and "super-fresh oysters."

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

First snow in NYC

Corvette Speed boat is coming....

corvettespeedboat.jpgIf Ben Heck modded speedboats, I like to think it'd turn out similar to
Malibu's Z06 Corvette Speedboat, which is Frankensteined with a 505-HP
LS7 Corvette Engine. Every aspect of the boat, from the hull right down
to the trailer it rides on, is influenced by the design of the
Corvette. Looks like that Ferrari-powered boat from One Crazy Summer finally has some competition in the water. More photos over at [Jalopnik].

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Don Imus Returns to Airwaves Monday

Will Don Imus be defiant or contrite? Will he mock his skeptics while making his triumphant return or muzzle his mouth?
``That question is part of the drama of his reemergence,'' said Michael
Harrison, publisher of Talkers magazine, an industry trade journal.
``Imus faces some choices.''

It's anybody's guess. Imus isn't talking. His handlers aren't talking.
But it's safe to say radio's best-known curmudgeon will have lots to
say when his show kicks off at 6 a.m. on WABC-AM, ending his 8 month
banishment from radio.

There's going to be plenty of room for him to stumble or thrive. The
show will be simulcast on weekdays from 6-9 a.m., rebroadcast in the
evenings and carried on Citadel Broadcasting Corp. stations around the
country. He'll also be broadcast on RFD-TV, which is owned by the Rural
Media Group Inc.
Monday's premiere will last four hours and be held at Town Hall in
Times Square, where $100 tickets are being sold to benefit the Imus Ranch for Kids With Cancer.

After its debut, the Imus spectacle will move to a studio across the street from Madison Square Garden.
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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Holiday Traffic at 30 ROCK !!!

Xmas in NY again, its that time of the year.A little sneak peak on what goes on at the real 30ROCK.

NYC Traffic Cam